Our Tile Roofing Services

Here at Johnson Roofing Ltd we can supply and fit a very large variety of roof tiles, in many different colours and profiles. From the finest most expensive clay plain tiles, to the more affordable concrete pan tiles. We use tiles from the most reputable manufacurers such as Marley, Redland, Dreadnought and Sandtoft. Please see our gallery below for examples of our roof tiling. We are especially proud of our addition to the Dreadnought tile brochure which features clay Dreadnought plain tiles with feature bull nose clay tiles.

Examples of our Tile Roofing in Cheshire

Rosemary Plain Tiles with Arris Hip Tiles Mid Job

Rosemary Plain Tiles with Mitred Clay Ridge

Reclaimed Hand Made Staffordshire Mix Plain Tiles

Plain Tile and Marley Ashmore Tile with Lead Hips and full dry roof system

Mitred Turret Plain Tiling

Marley Plain Tiles with Dry Ridge System

Marley Pan Tiles in Prestbury

Marley double camber plain tile with lead hips and cheeks

Ludlow Major Tile

Ludlow Major Tile Dry Ridge Valleys and Dry Verge and Vertical Tile

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